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We have years of experienced in providing cloud backup solutions for Schools and MAT’s; keeping staff, teachers and students connected no matter where they are.

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    What is Cloud Productivity?

    Put simple, cloud-based productivity suites are a collection of tools that enable users to work from any location as long as they have internet access. While cloud computing started out primarily as online storage, these suites now offer email, word processing, spreadsheets, chat/video conferencing and more. 

    Cloud is more than online file storage and document editing; it is a way of thinking. Adopting a cloud first approach in your school will give your staff all the tools they need to become even more collaborative, connected and innovative.

    Why do we need Cloud Productivity?

    With cloud you no longer must think about your IT as being an in-school provision, but rather your IT is your in-school means of accessing your online systems. This means that anyone can work from anywhere, teachers can plan, write reports, mark and even deliver lessons from home, administration teams help run the school from remote locations (of course Cloud can’t easily replace a friendly face at reception or a trained first-aider for that grazed knee). 

    Ultimately, by introducing Cloud into your school, your team have more flexibility to perform their respective roles. This in turn also means, they have more flexibility to meet the educational needs and support of their students.

    What does this service include?

    Our team will support you through: 

      • Planning, determining which cloud platform best suits your organisation
      • Implementation, ensuring the process is successful and seamless in its execution 
      • End-user training, taking the time to show your team how this new system works  
    Why should I choose Cygnet?
    We are Microsoft and Google Cloud Partners with years of experience supporting schools and MAT’s in their understanding and adoption of cloud services. We recognise that change is something you do with your team, not to them, and their involvement in this change is essential. Therefore, we always consider your staff in our implementation planning so everything can continue to perform as usual while we work. Ultimately, choosing Cygnet, we will ensure you receive a service that is both professional and bespoke to your needs. 
    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!

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