Google Cloud for Education

Google for Education is a cloud-based suite of tools designed to support teachers, students, and administrative teams. These tools help to provide a more personalised, streamlined, and collaborative day to day user experience for all users and ultimately improve the overall performance and functionality of schools. With Cygnet’s support and guidance, we can assure you truly make the most of your investment in Google Education and reap the benefits of successfully integrating it into your school’s operations.

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    What is Google for Education?

    Google for Education is a suite of Cloud based tools designed to streamline day-to-day tasks for both teachers and administrative staff, while also providing a new and improved learning experience for pupils. Ultimately, this means pupils and teachers can access and complete their work from any location. Google for Education aims to support collaboration, communication, classroom management, organisation and administration at scale- tools include video chat technology (Google Meet), email (Gmail), collaborative word documents (Google docs), chat features (Google Chat) and more. Together these tools provide teachers and students with the opportunity to experience a more flexible and personal learning and teaching experience.


    Capture ideas and keep organized.


    Easy-to-join video meetings.


    Easy-to-create surveys and forms.


    Smart, secure email for modern businesses.

    Google +

    Secure corporate social network.


    Documents with real-time co-editing.


    Secure cloud storage and file sharing.

    Cloud Search

    Powerful search across G Suite.


    Secure team messaging.


    Retain, Archive and Search Data


    Shared Calendars


    Classroom organisation


    Slides with real-time co-editing.


    Chrome Browser


    Sheets with real-time co-editing.

    Why do we need Google for Education?

    Google for Education’s cloud capabilities provide schools, teachers, administrative staff, and students an unbeatable level of support and resilience. While it may not be essential, the power and support this software can bring to your team is undeniable. Its communication tool alone ensures a safe and secure line of communication between teachers and pupils, to discuss marks, feedback, assignments and support remote teaching. This technology can better your school’s overall functionality, teaching capabilities and students learning experience if used correctly. 


    With Google for Education you can:

      • Better provide a bespoke learning experience to students who may require additional support and guidance

      • Streamline teaching and administrative processes 

      • Support remote teaching and learning capabilities 

      • Support student collaboration from any location 

      • Manage courses, grades, and more in one secure location

      • Closely monitor and manage each student’s performance and progress

      • Improvement management of and security for school data in one, central location 

    What does this service include?

    As Google Partners, our team are equipped to help you with everything you need whether it be purchase, setup, management, training or ongoing support. Our contracts are 100% flexible, as we build them based on the needs of our customers, assuring you are only ever paying for the services you truly require. If you are currently in your research and planning stage and are not confident if Google for Education is the best choice for your school, our team is also available to discuss your options and provide some professional advice and guidance. Whatever it is you need; our team will be happy to accommodate your request to the best their abilities. 
    Why should I choose Cygnet? 
    Cygnet is an official Google for Education Partner and has over 25 years’ experience supporting schools in the Sutton and surrounding area. We have a team of DBS checked, highly experienced and Google certified technicians with experience providing IT support in schools and MAT’s. We understand the difficulties schools experience when introducing new technology and the importance that the transition is done with and for your team- not to them. With Cygnet you can be confident your team will receive the support they need to truly experience the value Google for Education can bring to them, their pupils and their school.
    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!

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