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    Dark Web Monitoring - Proactive Protection and peace of mind

    What is Dark Web Monitoring?

    Peace of mind at excellent value

    Are your staff’s credentials available on the dark web? Thousands of email addresses, passwords and other sensitive data land on the dark web every day, creating risk for your staff and your organisation - without pro-active monitoring, you will not know you are vulnerable until it’s too late.

    Cygnet’s Dark Web Monitoring helps protect you by actively searching for information on your systems and staff. Data leaks, breaches, and hacks all over the world constantly contribute to this data. How many websites have your details on file?

    We help find information within the Dark Web markets, data dumps and other sources, and alert you to potential trouble fast, giving you the opportunity to act before criminals do.

    Our award-winning solution provides peace of mind. Fully integrated into our SLA backed service desk we are here to advise and to help you react.

    Key Features and Benefits

    24/7 365 days of the year monitoring

    Real-time, analyst validated data

    Immediate security alerts


    Password Management for your business

    What is Password Management?

    Your company’s passwords are the keys to your kingdom, protecting them is a priority.

    A password management tool helps your team avoid easy-to-guess and repeated passwords. It provides a dedicated, secure place to store and retrieve both personal and shared passwords without having to remember or even know them. Website, browser plugins and a mobile app gives your team instant, secure access to the passwords they need anytime, anywhere.

    With encryption, auditing, reporting and optional two-factor authentication Password Management puts our organization in control.

    Plus, passwords are not just for IT. Alarm codes, door entry, or even padlock codes all need to be stored somewhere for the relevant staff to access, why not centralize everything?

    Password Management is important

    We’ve all seen pictures of offices with passwords written on sticky notes next to computers. Maybe your protection protocols aren't as rudimentary as the “sticky note method,” but they still need to be secure enough to withstand attack and flexible enough to support remote working.

    Did you know?

    78% of attackers use stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access to business applications

    65% of end-users are using identical passwords for multiple accounts

    43% of cyberattacks target small businesses

    Our enterprise-grade password management solution gives you full control, transparency, and compliance reporting features at an affordable cost.

    Convenient and Comprehensive Password Management

    • Do you have a secure, audited and controlled way of storing passwords?
    • Can you securely share passwords across your team and report on when they were accessed and who by?
    • What processes do you have in place to help employees use strong, unique passwords for every system?
    • Can you change passwords and inform everyone instantly, without writing it down?
    Our enterprise-level password management system answers these critical questions and gives you total control of all the account logins used by your employees - on-site, online, and in the cloud.

    Social Engineering Awareness Training for your business

    What is Social Engineering Awareness Training (SEAT)?

    Social Engineering Training is a key element of your Cyber Security. It helps you defend against phishing attacks by educating and training your employees to recognise and not respond to social engineering threats.

    What is Social Engineering?

    Social engineering is a form of cyberattack that aims to trick people into sharing sensitive information that gives an attacker access to your system, physical space, or data. These attacks don’t stem from social media as some may think; social media does, however, make it easier for attackers to gather personal details to create convincing social engineering attacks.

    Ensuring staff have the tools and know-how to identify social engineering attacks can be critical to protecting your organization.

    With tailored training and phishing simulations, you can make sure staff are aware and vigilant when it comes to this type of attack.

    Online Training

    Cygnet’s cyber security training not only boasts a library of over 60 different modules covering subjects from phishing to GDPR, Ransomware to mobile security, but also offers the ability to deliver totally bespoke sessions.

    The included modules contain bite-sized videos followed by multiple choice quizzes to validate understanding.

    Training sessions are delivered as campaigns (a collection of modules that fit your requirement) and can be sent straight to the inbox or accessed via a personal portal.

    Importance of training for your staff

    The Phishing simulation program will help you identify the weak areas in your team’s awareness and highlight where further training should be directed.

    Phishing emails (emails pretending to be from a trusted source) are sent from our system at predefined times to select staff and any actions taken are recorded. If staff, click on any of the links or provide any information they are notified that this was a phishing simulation and advice is provided via a short video.

    Both the training and phishing simulation programs include reporting features enabling you to monitor staff progress and awareness.