Flexible communication for Your business

Cygnet Telephony (VoIP) is a powerful communication system that lets your team work from anywhere, on any device.

How it will benefit your business:

  • Increased flexibility: Make and receive calls, hold video meetings, and collaborate with colleagues – all from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Improved productivity: Work remotely without sacrificing communication. Perfect for today's mobile workforce. Reduced costs: Save money on traditional phone lines and enjoy predictable monthly billing.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Integrate voice calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging into a single platform.
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      Telephony (VoIP)

      Unify communications

      Eliminate the complexities of managing a mix of disparate phone systems. Our cloud-based VoIP solution offers a unified platform for voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing. This empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of location or device.

      Increase productivity

      Enhance team communication and accessibility with features including mobile extensions and a user-friendly online portal for managing calls, extensions, and greetings. This streamlined approach minimizes disruptions and maximizes efficiency.

      Collaborate seamlessly

      Cygnet IT Services' VoIP enables your team to connect and work in the ways that best suit them, through voice, video, instant messaging, online meetings, screen sharing, via web, desktop, and mobile apps. Call recording and more. All included.

      Reliable and cost-effective

      Enjoy predictable pricing with inclusive features, minutes, and handsets. Upgrade options are available for specific needs, ensuring you only pay for the functionalities required by your business.

      Benefits to your business

      • Maximum efficiency, total mobility
      • Simple and cost-effective
      • Access anywhere on any device
      • Reliable, secure & compliant
      • Dedicated customer support