Cygnet Telephony (VoIP)

Cygnet IT Services' market-leading telephone and Unified Communications platform delivers a powerful suite of tools, features and integrations that go beyond the humble desk phone and enable all your employees to work effectively from anywhere, any time and on any device.

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    Telephony (VoIP)

    Unified Communications

    Your phone system is likely a crucial part of the day-to-day running of your business. With our cloud-based unified communications solution you will benefit from features that enhance your business availability, increase employee’s flexibility, save you money and enables effective collaboration between staff, anytime, anywhere, any device.

    Take Back Control

    Working with a mix of office phones, business, or personal mobiles? No problem! The mobile app puts an internal extension and office phone directly onto any mobile phone. No need to give out mobile numbers and outbound calls can show as from your business number. A simple administration portal can give you access to manage extensions, hunt groups, auto attendants and more, ensuring calls are never missed. Alternatively, just call our helpdesk. All these benefits and more are available to you right now.

    Collaboration and Flexibility

    Cygnet IT Services' VoIP enables your team to connect and work in the ways that best suit them, through voice, video, instant messaging, online meetings, screen sharing, via web, desktop, and mobile apps. Call recording and more. All included.

    Delivering Cost Savings

    With inclusive handsets, minutes and features you can control costs. Need a cordless phone, more programable buttons on the office desks? Easy, we can supply a range of handsets and you simply pay the difference for any upgrade.

    Benefits to your business

    • Maximum efficiency, total mobility
    • Simple and cost-effective
    • Access anywhere on any device
    • Resilient, secure & compliant
    • Comprehensive inclusive support