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    Cloud Services

    Google Workspace for your business

    Google Workspace is a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective cloud-based solution for business and non-profit that will provide your staff with the tools they need. Flexibility is the cornerstone of Google Workspace and its ability to provide the same functionally and near identical user experience almost regardless of your hardware is key to its success within an organisation.

    With Cygnet’s support, training, and guidance, we can help you successfully integrate Google into your business operations, ensuring that your staff can leverage everything Google has to offer.

    What is Google Workspace?

    Not to oversimplify it but at its very core it’s a set of online tools providing email services, secure file storage and document, spreadsheet, and presentation editing that’s built from entirely around sharing and collaboration. Google Workspace can be a complete replacement for Windows PC’s and school Servers, or it can be an additional, integrated tool working alongside those things.

    It's not just emails and files though, there is a whole lot more! - Calendar provides all the tools you need to organise people, resources, and teams.

    Why do we need Google Workspace?

    Meet is a video conferencing tool of choice for everything from 1-2-1 meetings to largescale presentations. Keep will help you stay organised. Forms makes gathering data easy and Classroom provides a complete digital set of teaching and learning tools that will complement and enhance the physical office.

    Entirely cloud based and available from mobile devices and Windows, Mac, and Google’s own Chrome OS. Google Cloud is a next generation tool you can have today.

    What does it include?

    Cloud Services

    Microsoft 365 for your business

    Microsoft 365 for Business is set of tools and services that can elevate your IT to the next level. Microsoft 365 encompasses a range of technologies and services that together give you unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Designed around the cloud and collaboration, Microsoft 365 brings the familiarity and power of Word, Excel and Powerpoint to a flexible, accessible, and robust IT solution. With Cygnet’s support, training, and guidance, we can help you successfully implement Microsoft 365 across your organization ensuring your employees and your clients can leverage everything Microsoft has to offer.

    What is Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 for Business is a re-imagining of the traditional, Windows Server, Windows PC and MS Office setup. Through building on the familiar and bringing the power of cloud processing, remote accessibility, and collaboration to bear, Microsoft provides a complete IT solution for your organisation and access for staff anytime, anywhere from any device and always with the most up to date version

    Azure, Intune, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Exchange, Office Applications, Teams, Forms, Planner and other tools all work together to provide an enterprise level security, device management, email, calendar, file storage, document editing and collaboration suite.

    Entirely cloud based and available from mobile devices and Windows, Mac and even though Google’s Chrome OS. Microsoft 365 is a next generation tool you can have today.

    Why do we need Microsoft 365?

    Get work done and increase efficiency with Microsoft 365. Collaborate in real time with teamwork tools that are always up to date. Plus, get professional email and online storage - all with built-in security to help keep your data safe.

    What does this service include?