Essential Connectivity for your business

Keeping your business connected is essential and can provide the right solution whether you are just starting out, or you are looking for an urgent temporary solution.

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    Fibre Leased Line

    A fibre leased line is the pinnacle of internet connectivity. A dedicated fibre optic cable installed right to your premises providing super-fast, highly reliable connectivity 24/7 – and it’s probably not as expensive as you think.

    Unlike ADSL, fibre leased lines are symmetric, meaning you get the same connection speed for both uploads and downloads. In addition, they have a far lower contention ratio, meaning your bandwidth is being shared across far fewer customers.

    If you work with large files, are embracing Office 365 or Google Workspace, have large scale VoIP or simply just need high speed reliable internet connectivity then a fibre leased line will meet that demand.


    ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the mainstream alternative to Fibre Leased Lines, providing connectivity over standard UK telephone lines. It’s the single most popular form of internet connectivity and Cygnet work high quality business dedicated providers that offer a far superior service to many household operators.

    Unlike Fibre, ADSL asymmetric, meaning faster download speeds than it does upload. It may however be perfect for your needs and can provide a highly cost effective and reliable service. Cygnet can help you understand your potential connection speeds and help you align that with the current and possible future needs of your business.

    4 & 5G Connectivity

    Be it a temporary or permanent requirement, 4G and 5G connectivity can provide you with a highly flexible internet connectivity.

    Getting connected quickly in your new office, working in a temporary space or perhaps you need a mobile connectivity solution for your team that is not reliant on individuals using mobile phones. We can get you connected almost anywhere.