Internet solutions for small business

Experiencing a connectivity outage?

Opening a new location and need immediate internet access?

Cygnet IT Services provides essential connectivity solutions for businesses - both temporary and permanent.

Whether you require a short-term wi-fi hotspot or a complete internet setup, we can provide what you'll need.

  • Fibre-leased line
  • ADSL
  • 4G & 5G
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      Fibre Leased Line

      A dedicated fibre optic cable delivers super-fast, reliable internet 24/7. Unlike traditional broadband, fibre offers equal upload and download speeds. This means seamless video conferencing, lightning-fast file transfers, and a smoother overall online experience. With a fibre leased line, you don't share bandwidth with other users, ensuring maximum reliability, even during peak internet usage times.

      Is a Fibre Leased Line right for you:

    • Do you work with large files regularly?
    • Utilize cloud services like Office 365 or Google Workspace?
    • Rely on VoIP phone systems?
    • Need absolute internet speed and reliability?

      If you answered yes to any of these, then a fibre leased line is a good fit for your business.

    • ADSL

      Need a dependable internet connection without breaking the bank? ADSL could be the perfect fit for your business. It utilizes existing phone lines, making it a widely available and affordable option. Unlike Fibre, ADSL is asymmetric, meaning faster download speeds than upload speeds. the single most popular form of internet connectivity, it may however be perfect for your needs and can provide a highly cost effective and reliable service.

      Is ADSL right for you?

    • Primarily focused on downloads (web browsing, email)?
    • Budget-conscious and need a reliable connection?

      We can assess your business needs and determine if ADSL offers the perfect balance of affordability and performance. Let us help you find the ideal solution. Get in touch today.

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      Stay connected & flexible with 4G & 5G

      Be it a temporary or permanent requirement, 4G and 5G connectivity can provide you with a highly flexible internet connectivity. Getting connected quickly in your new office, working in a temporary space or perhaps you need a mobile connectivity solution for your team that is not reliant on individuals using mobile phones. We can get you connected almost anywhere.

      Benefits for Your Business:

    • Get online fast, minimizing disruption to your workflow.
    • Ensure your team stays connected and productive, wherever they work.
    • Cost-Effective Solutions: Find a plan that fits your budget without compromising on connectivity.

      We'll assess your needs and recommend the right 4G/5G solution to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today to discuss your options.