IT Service for Schools and Multi Academy

Cygnet have been working in schools for over 25 years, we have a range of support options, solutions and services specifically designed to be high performing and low impact within the unique school environment.

We understand that teachers need to teach, office staff need to be available for parents and students, and your senior leadership team have better things to do than worry about your ICT.

We work with small nursery schools right though to large MAT’s providing everything from MIS support to computing and strategic ICT support and a large range of technical services designed to support your schools, staff and your existing investment in ICT.

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    We strive to go above and beyond, supporting you to make the most of your IT. Our DBS-checked staff can help your school to deliver teaching and learning fully supported by your IT systems.

    In reality, the best IT services are ones you rarely think about - they are there for you running effectively, so you can continue working without a glitch.

    Our remote helpdesk support and onsite technicians (all with experience of the unique requirements of working in education) will provide specialist, responsive support, resolving issues with minimum impact so you stay up and running.

    The Cygnet service desk is available via telephone, e-mail and online and provides a single point of contact for all services, support requests and queries.

    "My staff and I have found the staff and service absolutely fantastic and bespoke to our needs. A highly skilled, professional team - outstanding service."

    • Technical Support & Help Desk

      Whatever your technical needs, our team can help! Our one-stop-shop helpdesk can ensure you stay in control, available via telephone, email and online you can keep track of every call, ticket or request for help.

    • Backup and Disaster Recovery

      From file and folder backups right through to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery we have you and your data covered. All cloud backed we can ensure the integrity of your data, no matter what happens.

    • Cloud Productivity

      Office 365 or Google apps? It’s a good question that we can help you with, whatever system you choose we can provide support through planning, implementation and even end user training.

    • SIMS Support & Training

      Our SIMS Support service provides access to remote support, training, software upgrade installation, patch management and on-site consultancy for a complete SIMS application suite

    • Network Design & Installation

      Cabling to Wi-Fi, switches to firewalls let us take the work out of networking. From design to install (or anything in-between) we can ensure reliable, feature rich networking at cost effective prices.

    • ISP and Internet Services

      High quality internet services are harder to find than you might think. What works at home is not always good enough to ensure staff can deliver. We can help source and implement various high-quality ISP services.

    • Server Monitoring and Maintenance

      Unfortunately servers don’t maintain themselves, our server monitoring and maintenance can ensure that necessary security patches are applied and that potential issues are identified before they cause you a problem.

    • Pupil Asset Support & Training

      We can help to make day-to-day processes as simple as possible for every member of your staff teachers making assessments, the leadership team analysing data, or office staff managing attendance and census information.

    • Strategic ICT Support

      Our helpdesk and field teams will work to ensure that your issues are resolved as fast as possible. Remote support, ad-hoc or regular scheduled engineer visits we will keep you up and running.

    • Purchasing and Procurement

      Competitive prices for a full range of IT equipment and software. Though our supplier network we can source and optionally install most IT equipment at highly competitive prices.

    • Anti-Virus and Malware protection

      Malware is unfortunately common at present and with experience across multiple products including being Sophos accredited we can help you protect your equipment and data from malicious attack.

    • CallSwitch VoIP

      A school’s phone system can be a crucial part of the day-to-day running. CallSwitch enables teaching staff to connect and collaborate in the ways that work best for them from anywhere, on any device.

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