Cygnet Telephony (VOIP)

A phone system is a crucial part of the day-to-day running of many organisations. CallSwitch enables staff to connect in the ways that work best for them from anywhere, on any device.

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    What is Voice Over IP (VoIP)?

    CallSwitch is our market-leading Unified Communications platform, delivering a powerful suite of tools, features and integrations that enable staff and administrators to work from anywhere, on any device. It enables staff to connect and collaborate through voice, video, instant messaging, call recording, online meetings, screen sharing, via mobile app, and much more.

    Why do we need Voice Over IP?

    With CallSwitch in place, you can benefit from features and functionality that will allow more efficient communications (both inbound and outbound) and allow effective collaboration between staff. 

    Benefits to your organisation 

    • Maximising Staff Efficiency 
    • Simple, Cost-Effective Administration Access from Anywhere 
    • Resilient and Secure 
    • Comprehensive Support 

    What does this service include?

    This highly flexible solution enables administrators to perform a wide range of management duties from our secure web-based platform.

    • Add extensions for new staff and build call groups to ensure calls from are never missed
    • Make configuration changes to call routing during holiday periods
    • Control end-user features depending on roles and responsibilities 
    • Maintain centralised contact directories

    All these benefits and more, centrally configured, deployed, and managed instantly. 

    Why should I choose Cygnet?
    CallSwitch is our market-leading Unified Communications platform, and is configured, installed, and supported by our friendly team of experts. In addition to CallSwitch, we also supply and support a wide range of desk phones where required, and our significant buying power with the leading handset manufacturers means we can pass savings on to you.
    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!
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