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    SIMS Support and Training

    SIMS is the leading software for schools and MAT’s in the United Kingdom. Cygnet has over 25 years' experience working with SIMS and providing SIMS support, training and consultancy services to schools and MAT’s across the country. SIMS MIS assists schools in streamlining administrative tasks and improving operational processes and capabilities in schools and MAT’s. Let our team help you begin your SIMS journey!
    Support & Training

    About SIMS?

    SIMS MIS software for schools and MAT’s within the UK is used by 21,000 schools globally. SIMS MIS can assist schools in every area of their operation, from essential pupil information and behavioural tracking to financial budgeting and stakeholder communication. For 30 years, SIMS has supported schools across the globe with their daily management and continued improvement of pupil learning outcomes and overall schooling experience. SIMS MIS is a great software to store, manage and access your school data, and with their extensive list of additional management software SIMS MIS can become a central hub to run, develop and progress your school in every area.

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    How can SIMS help schools and MAT’s?

    SIMS software supports improvement in school's daily management, pupil support and tracking, data management and administration processing - making it the perfect software for leaders looking to develop their school/s. The range of products available to support different functions and process within schools and MAT’s, makes it easy for decision makers to tailor SIMS to meet their requirements. Giving schools complete control to develop SIMS at their own pace and avoid paying for software and features they do not need.

    Below are just a few examples of the many products available through SIMS to assist in school continuous development:

    • Core Suite: a central location for your school data where you can collate, edit and analyse information
    • Assessment: provides flexibility with assessment and reporting, to support your school and the way you work
    • Personnel: build a complete picture of your staff, collate information including personal details, absences, training and more. 
    • Financial Management System (FMS):
    • Interventions: better manage and monitor students in need of extra support
    • Primary: MIS system designed specifically for primary school teachers, senior leaders and office staff.
    • SIMS Insight & Analytics: a new automated data service for senior leaders to engage with their information through strategically themed dashboards

    Why should I choose Cygnet IT Services?

    Cygnet IT Services has been providing SIMS Support for over 25 years to schools and MAT’s throughout the UK. Over the last 25 years we have cultivated a strong relationship with SIMS which ensures we always keep up to date with revisions and new additions all year round. Our team is experienced and capable of resolving any SIMS queries you may have, which is evident in our team receiving a SIMS Accreditation survey rating of 5.6 out of 6.0 for Customer Service and support.

    Support Services

    Our team can provide support to any schools or MAT’s throughout the UK, from our HQ in Sutton. Our SIMS support team will resolve any queries your team may experience through a remote screen takeover and/or talking you through the process over the phone (minus the technical jargon). We provide a range of support services; a complete SIMS application suite includes all the services below:

    • Remote support
    • Training
    • Software upgrade 
    • Installation
    • Patch management
    • On-site consultancy for a complete SIMS application suite. 

    If this is more support than your team needs, we have you covered! Our SIM support contracts can be tailor-made to meet your exact support requirements. Furthermore, we also provide one-off support options for all services whether it is purchasing a licence, installation, or a few hours of consultancy work - we can help.

    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!

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