Backup and Disaster Recovery



Data loss is a very real threat, and ensuring you can quickly restore yours is key to both your day-to-day operations and GDPR compliance. Accidentally, maliciously or via hardware failure - there are many ways you can lose data. Cygnet IT Services' Backup and Recovery services can help you recover should the worst case scenario occur.

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    Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Why Backup

    It doesn’t matter if your data is on your PC, a server, or even in the cloud, it can just as easily be overwritten, deleted or suffer from hardware loss or failure. Are you sure you can get your data back, regardless of what happens? We have a range of solutions that enable us to meet both your requirements and budget. All deliverable as fully managed services, so you can relax knowing we have you covered.

    Take Back Control

    Backups are only as good as their ability to help you recover. Your data, without the system on which to store and provide access to it, will give you little comfort in an emergency.

    Why your data needs to be backed up and secure

    GDPR requires organisations to protect the data they hold, and it is critical that you can restore access to that data in a timely manner should you need to. We will help ensure that not only is your data backed up, but that those backups are tested and ready should the worst happen. From restoring individual files or emails to replacing a server from scratch, we can assist.

    Services we provide:

    • Backup for 365 and Google
    • Cloud Only Backup
    • Local and Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery
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