Endpoint Protection

As attacks become more sophisticated, so should your defence
The Cygnet IT Services team can assist with day-to-day support of multiple security products including Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, web, and email filtering. Along with our partners Sophos, Webroot, Barracuda and Datto, we can provide advice and support and ensure you have the best products for your needs.

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    Endpoint Protection

    Our Services


    Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

    Cygnet IT Services are an official partner for Sophos Data Security and Webroot Antivirus, and working with these leading industry Anti-Virus providers enables us to equip your organisation with some of the best solutions available.

    A well-managed and monitored Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solution installed across your estate is now a necessity for any network, and the Cygnet IT Services team can help with licensing, installation, and ongoing monitoring and support.


    Network Security and Firewall

    DNS & Web Filtering

    A firewall is an essential part of your security. It helps protect your data and keeps destructive and disruptive forces out. Whether you are looking for support or full installation, our team can help. Our partnerships with leading names such as Barracuda and our expertise can ensure you have the right product, configured correctly, to give you peace of mind.
    Web filtering helps you protect your staff and network by blocking your computer accessing websites known to contain or facilitate malicious activities.

    Malicious websites are a way in for attackers. By filtering what gets through to you, you can enforce your policies and help prevent a breach.


    Phishing is one of the most effective techniques used by hackers today to obtain sensitive information from your organisation. Unlike other threats, this social engineering technique targets people not computers and has proven to be highly successful. How certain are you that everyone in your team could spot a phishing email from a legitimate one? The best defence is user education along with solid anti-malware and anti-virus protection.