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IT is an important part of school life and that’s different between Students, Teachers, and Administrators. Cygnet IT Services was founded from a School's IT support team and as such have been supporting IT in schools for over 20 years. We work to become part of your team, getting to know your staff and building relationships so that we can foresee your needs and help you meet them.

We know what makes IT work for schools, how disruptive it is when it doesn’t work, and how to support your team around the busy school day. Our service provides highly responsive, SLA monitored remote support which is backed up by regular on-site presence from a named engineer.

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    When IT is working it’s great, but when it’s not, it’s a real hassle. It’s fundamental to your school and can make or break your productivity. Your staff and even students may be confident in the software and systems that you use, but when that technology stops, it impacts teaching, administration and learning, and you need it fixed. Ensuring your systems are configured properly and effectively, and your school is well-supported is what we do.

    IT is a great asset, but it’s also a risk. At Cygnet IT Services, we help you mitigate that risk, so you can focus on your school. We won’t speak to you using IT jargon. We talk in plain English, and we work with you to understand what you want to achieve so that we can give the best advice and service. We help you understand what you need and want to, and provide confidence in everything else.

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