Anti-virus and anti-malware: Cyber Security for SMEs

Our team is experienced in providing cyber security for small and medium business and charities. We understand different organisations require different levels of security and protection, and a one size fits all approach doesn’t always work. Our team will work with you to identify the best protection for your organisation.

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    What is anti-virus and anti-malware?

     Anti-virus and Anti-malware are software’s used to protect devices from malicious software. These days, a good virus and malware protection platform is as important as the computer itself. For every new service, feature and system, there is someone trying to exploit that to their own benefit. Protecting your data, systems and staff from known attacks is a key part of your overall Information Security and Data Protection 

    Why do we need anti-virus and anti-malware?

    The reality is it is essential – virus or malware infections can cause anything from devices to run slowly, to complete data-loss across an entire system (cryptolocker or ransomware for example). SME cyber security grow in importance very year as cyber criminals become more prevalent and targeting of unprotected SME’s more apparent. To understand the severity for your organisation alone, ask yourself what the impact to your organisation would be if you were to lose access, control and privacy of all your data? 

    Anti-virus and anti-malware give you peace of mind your data is secure, and if that’s not enough they are ultimately a necessity under GDPR. 

    What does this service include?

    Our team will help your organisation get its protection up and running, we will: 

      • Complete installation on all PCs, Macs, Servers, and mobile devices
      • Provide continued monitoring for infections 
      • Send alerts, if and when systems detect an infection
    Why should I choose Cygnet?

    As IT professionals and a SME ourselves, we understand the importance of SME cyber security. We also have a variety of market leading products to suit the needs and budgets of any organisation. From fully featured enterprise solutions to light weight and highly accurate system protection. Our team are highly experienced in both setting up and optimising protective software for organisations of many sizes. Under a support contract with us, we will simply do everything for you beginning to end as part of that support.

    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!

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