Microsoft 365 Education

Microsoft 365 Education provides a collection of cloud-based tools combining everyday work essentials and new, innovative applications to increase productivity and collaboration in schools. Designed to support educators in juggling their range of responsibilities while also providing an improved, engaging learning experience for student- Microsoft 365 Education bring great value and promise to any schools that adopt it. Cygnet can help your school with all your Microsoft 365 Education needs and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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    What is Microsoft 365 Education?

    Microsoft 365 Education is a suite of cloud-based tools designed to support teachers and encourage teamwork and creativity amongst students. This suite of tools contains everything teachers require to perform and uphold their various duties and responsibilities, as well as additional tools to streamline teaching processes, manage personal workloads and support flexible working. Microsoft Education give teachers everything they could need and more right at their fingertips and ensures a resilient and productive workforce. 


    Simplify how you schedule and manage appointments both inside and outside your organisation


    Schedule and share meeting and event times, and automatically get reminders.


    Get personal insights and relevant information based on who you work with and what you work on.


    Discover and connect to data, model, and analyse it, and visualise insights.


    Create surveys, quizzes, and polls and easily see results in real time.


    Automates processes and tasks such as document approvals


    Create better work habits with insights into your meetings, email, and focus hours.


    Business-class email through a rich and familiar Outlook experience.


    Capture and organise your notes across all your devices


    Create plans, organise and assign tasks, share files, and get progress updates

    Power Point

    Design professional presentations

    Power Apps

    Build mobile and web apps with the data your organisation already uses.


    Share videos of classes, meetings, presentations, and training sessions.


    Create and share interactive reports, presentations, and personal stories


    Connect with co-workers and classmates, share information, and organise around projects.

    Why do we need Microsoft 365 Education?

    Microsoft 365 Education provides teachers, students and other staff with an abundance of tools, resources, and applications, to work more effectively and overcome everyday school challenges. When used effectively, this software can simplify, streamline, and accelerate various day-to-day teaching operations and improve students overall learning experience. While not essential for schools, this software does have a great deal of value to offer:

      • Helping to increase student engagement and motivation during lessons
      • Apps designed to encourage teamwork, collaboration and communication amongst students
      • Tools to support teachers in self managing their workload in a more constructive way
      • Features and application that will save staff and teachers time by streamlining common processes 
      • Providing staff and students the ability to access their files anywhere at anytime

    What does this service include?

    Cygnet are able and ready to support your team from beginning to end. We can assist with anything whether it be planning, purchasing, installation, migration, training and management. We design our contracts around the needs of our customer; we do not have generic service bundles to choose between, instead we sit down and discuss your needs, then create a service contract that effectively meets each and every one. Whatever level of service it is you require- Cygnet is here to help! 
    Why should I choose Cygnet? 
    We are Microsoft partners and have been supporting schools throughout the Sutton area for the last 25 years. Our team of engineers are highly experienced, not only in providing technical IT support, but also working with customers to understand and gain the most from their technology. We have experience introducing schools to Microsoft 365 Education and understand the different challenges it can pose. Introducing new software, such as Microsoft 365, into a workplace that may be foreign to its exitance, anxious to learn how it works or simply resistant to this level of change can be difficult. We work with you and your team to ensure your schools is getting the most value it can out of its investment- whether that be through training and/or ongoing support.
    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!

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