Upgrades and Replacements

It is no secret that sometimes our IT breaks down or needs a little upgrade to meet the needs of its user/s. Whatever the reason, a simple upgrade or replacement may be all you require to keep your IT working or to improve its performance. Cygnet can help you identify what your business or charity needs, source and order parts and complete the installation.

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    What are upgrades and replacements?

    Upgrades can include anything from additional memory and SSD disks to extra storage for your PC- with the overall goal to improve your IT’s capabilities. Replacements are any substitute materials or devices introduced with the purpose of resolving a particular issue your IT is experiencing.

    Why might we need upgrades and replacements? 

    Depending on the hardware and the issues it may be experiencing there are a number of ways a replacement or upgrade may be your solution.

    For example: 

      • A memory upgrade gives your computer more thinking capacity to be able to run more programs and do more calculations at the same time. 
      • Additional memory can help power users who use a lot of, or memory intensive, applications. 
      •  An SSD to a PC with a traditional mechanical hard drive can give it a new lease of life, by making it much faster to boot and quicker in day-to-day use.

    In some situations, it may not be a case of needing certain improved features or capabilities, you may simply desire an upgrade or replacement. However, there are times when certain IT problems require one or both- either way Cygnet can help. 

    What does this service include?

    Again, this will depend on the issue you are experiencing or your desired outcome. If you think/know you require support upgrading or replacing your hardware, we can:

      • Provide you with a number of options and help you pick the best one for you budget and needs. 
      • Source any necessary hardware, parts, or software you will need and have it ordered straight to you or our offices. 
      • Perform any physical installation or servicing needed, as well as complete any digital setup or software installation. 
      • Talk through any changes and explain how to use anything new you and your team may not have experience in. 
    Why should I choose Cygnet?
    Cygnet has years of experience not only performing upgrades and replacement work, but also helping customers identify the source of their problems when they cannot. We always work to find the best solution within our customers budget and with consideration to any other barriers/requirements they may have. In short, we are not a one-size-fits-all kind of business. We recognise each business or charity is different and a one size fits all approach won’t benefit anyone; we aim to provide the best possible service that meets any and all your needs.
    To discuss this service further and find out how we can help you, please contact us!
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