IT tips every teacher needs

IT Tips Every Teacher Needs

There are few things more inconvenient in the workplace than your computer not working. Especially, when you have a class of students on standby, staring at you, trying to open a broken file. While most IT problems will require the assistance of an IT professional, there are some that may be easier to solve than you realise!

Our technicians have compiled a list of common IT problems teachers experience day to day, along with ways to prevent or solve them. Please continue reading to discover the IT tips every teacher needs.

1. Why is my computer not turning on? 

The first thing our technicians recommend checking, before becoming stressed, is whether the computer plugs are plugged in. When the furniture is moved over break and cleaners access the rooms, these plugs often become unplugged. So, before you give yourself a stress headache, check the plugs are properly inserted in the back of the computer and the wall socket. 

2. It’s not just one plug its all of them! 

Not ideal, but also not unmanageable. If you don’t have the time to wait for a technician to come and reassemble your computer, try this out instead. Look for another computer the same as yours, take a photo of how the cables are all plugged in and replicate the image. 

3. Why are some of my files not opening properly anymore? 

Your files are likely corrupted. While we can’t provide a quick solution to recovering those files, we can let you know a simple way to reduce the chances of this happening. Always make sure you properly power down your computer. Forcibly shutting your computer to avoid the “Windows did shut down correctly…Start Windows normally” is much more impactful than you think. Failing to follow this procedure can cause software and file corruption that may not be recoverable. It’s fair to say, file corruption is one of those things you could care less about until it’s your files that need recovering. Take the extra few minutes, it could save you a very stressful day or week in the future

4. Why isn’t my computer accepting my password?

Possibly a more serious issue but before jumping to that conclusion, check you haven’t got caps lock or number lock on.

– Caps lock is located under your Tab button on the left

– Number lock (Num Lock) is located on the right-hand side of the keyboard, in the keyboard calculator, on the top left.

It’s easy to accidentally press these keys without realising, which is why people often don’t check them!

5.      My screen is upside down, how do I fix it?

This is a simple one! A quick keyboard shortcut will have you back up and running in no time.

Press: Ctrl + Alt + up arrow key


We hope this blog has been of some help to you! Of course, if you try these tips and they do not work then the best thing to do is call your IT support provider. However, we hope this article helps to divert a potentially frustrating IT moment and keep your day on track.

As a community interest company, we aim to support local schools and provide them with the best service possible. Which allows our customers to move through their day without worrying about their IT. If there are any IT issues your school is facing or areas you would like some more information on let us know via We aim to keep this blog up-to-date and relevant!

If you require some personal advice on your businesses IT support needs, get in touch!