G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) and Chrome Management Licences

There is no doubt that Cloud services have helped underpin the country wide push for remote learning over the past 11 months. For many, Google have been at the hart of it. Whether supporting remote working for you team or you have been all in with Google Classroom and live on-line lessons, everyone has been experiencing the value Google Cloud services can deliver.

Now that so many have experienced what G Suite for Education has to offer, many are starting to look at the more advanced features available with G Suite Enterprise for Education . The Enterprise tool set brings a lot to the table, but in our experience the driver is often around the Google Meet experience, so here are some of the things you can bring to your meetings (live lessons!) with Enterprise.

  • Larger meetings with up to 250 active participants
  • Live streaming for even more, up to 100,000
    (should you have that many accounts in your domain)
  • Meeting Recordings
    (That last more than 30 days)
  • Breakout rooms
  • Poll’s & Q&A session’s
  • Meeting attendance tracking

Back at the start of lockdown, Google released a number of features for free use in schools. One of these was meeting recordings, the good news is Google are not simply taking this away again, instead they have released a new temporary recording feature which has become standard for all G Suite for Education (the free tier) accounts. This means that your staff and meeting organisers will retain the ability to record meetings, however those records will only remain accessible for the following 30 days.

If you need recording for training or even safeguarding reasons then G-Suite Enterprise for Education is the answer, but don’t just think of it as improving the Google Meet. Enterprise also brings improved search features, enhanced support and a raft of additional security and administration features.

To compare the standard G Suite Education and Enterprise for Education offerings see Google’s own feature comparison here: https://edu.google.com/intl/en_uk/products/gsuite-for-education/editions/

Licencing for Enterprise is also simple and easy to administer, you can licence just some of your staff (Google call this partial domain licensing) or you can choose to licence the whole school (Google call this full domain licensing) – It’s simple. Contact us to find out more.

Chrome Management Licences

On 9th March 2021 the cost of a Chrome Management Licence will be increasing by almost 50%!

Thankfully, they are not that expensive to start with, so the increase is not as bad as it sounds, but its’ still going to be around £10 per licence, therefore if you are considering a large investment in Chromebook’s then you might want to consider stocking up now.

Chrome Management Licences don’t expire, they remain active until they are assigned to a device, at which point they become linked to that device and last for its lifespan. That means that you can purchase now, and use them later.

To help you maximise on this we are running a special offer on Chrome Management Licences purchased between now and the 9th March. Just drop us a line for a hassle free quote.

Please feel free to to contact us for more information on anything Google, IT or MIS related for your school.