Classwork Zoom to Increase classroom productivity

Could this tool help increase productivity in your classroom?

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Classwork Zoom is an invaluable google extension, providing teachers with insight into students work productivity and integrity. Classwork Zoom surpasses Google’s document history feature, displaying students’ progress as an easy-to-read timeline with additional behavioural insights. Designed by Eric Burton-an English teacher determined to gain a greater awareness of his students’ productivity and work ethic, Classwork Zoom gives teachers the insight needed to make informed decisions about students learning needs.

What can teachers monitor?
  • The length of time students dedicate to each document
  • Document access and editing by unassigned devices
  • Paragraphs of text that have been pasted
  • A percentage weighting for student’s contribution to group assignments
  • All commentary and contributions made by other faculty
  • Classwork Zoom to Increase classroom productivity
  • Classwork Zoom to Increase classroom productivity
How can Classwork Zoom help me?

Classwork Zoom keeps teachers informed of their students’ progress and identifies those that may need more support. Additionally, the unrestricted access allows teachers to effectively address and monitor bad habits that stunt students learning such as bad time management and plagiarism. Teachers have also found the tool useful in parent-teacher meetings as a visual representation of students performance and progress. 


Another positive about Classwork Zoom is its affordability. Users are given a one-week free trial, after which they can choose from the below pricing options:

  • $2.99 USD a month
  • $20 USD a year for individual teachers
  • $10USD a year per teacher if a school buys 10+ licenses
Eric Burton compares teaching without Classwork Zoom

Creator Eric Burton spent a week without Classwork Zoom to compare how it impacted his overall quality and ability to teach his class. Read about his discovery here

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