Wandle Valley School New Network Infrastructure Study

Working wonders for Wandle

We provide support on a wide variety of jobs – big and small. Find out how a brand new network and infrastructure made a big difference to a local primary school.

Cygnet was able to support Wandle Valley School in Carshalton improve efficiency and their learning environment with a new network infrastructure.

The school was struggling with old, outdated PC workstations, as well as complex network cabling and issues with an old server – all of which meant the infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose. School staff were often calling Cygnet’s tech team needing a problem fixed, so it was clear that a more reliable system was needed. 

Cygnet conducted an audit of everything that needed renewing so that the most cost-effective approach could be taken. The project involved a complete network overhaul with the replacement of 95% of equipment including server, desktop PCs and network switches.

Once the project was mapped out, Cygnet installed a new network over the summer break so it didn’t disturb teaching. Over the course of a month, changes were implemented – including recabling, repatching and setting up the new server.

By the autumn term, the new infrastructure was in place and the start of the term involved updating staff about the new equipment, testing the new desktop environment while resolving any technical snags during a bedding-in period.

Knowing the layout of the whole system means Cygnet is able to identify problems more quickly and resolve them. The issues with the old network infrastructure, which previously affected the whole school, were addressed and the efficiency of the new network means technicians are now spending less time onsite – so it has become more cost-effective.

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