Cygnet’s CEO talks about training

Cygnet’s CEO talks training

Cygnet’s CEO Darren King highlights the benefits of getting up to speed with using different software – and how a bit of simple training can have a big impact on your time and efficiency.

“I’m sure most of us would agree the most professional training is time well spent. On the flip side, taking time out of a busy working week can sometimes be challenging and improving our knowledge and skills can slip right down the priority list.
“However, when you add up the time savings and reduced stress levels at completeing tasks quickly or processes painlessly, allocating time to training can really help delivery. Here are a couple of areas where a greater knowledge really can deliver impact.”


May seem like a very strange place to start, but when you think about it, using programmes like Microsoft Word and Excel or Google Docs and Sheets are regular daily occurances for most of us.

As much as these tools can be simple and straightforward, it can also be frustrating if we want to achieve a result but are unsure of the steps to take. It’s understandable that if you’ve been using programmes like these for sometime, training in them could seem like a poor use of time and resource.

However, it’s worth taking stock of how much you use them and investigating what could be actioned more efficiently or what aspects of a task could be made easier with more automation. Plus, when accessing the programmes via the cloud, its simple to share files and documents with colleagues or customers via a link, instead of emailing copies or building up various versions.


Sherlock Holmes (although a fictional detective) once said: “Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” – meaning he couldn’t form any theories or draw any conclusions until he had sufficient data. And not only is data important, the right data is essential.

Some of us may still rely on spreadsheets whilst others have more sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) systems. Either way; one challenge that remains is getting anyone adding data to ensure its accuracy.

You would be forgiven for not finding data entry particularly stimulating, so finding the simplest, quickest and most accurate ways to record information is of huge value. Many staff may think entering a name, address or even a date for example is so simple it doesn’t require training; but if you go to run a report that is searching for date records entered as 14.02.18, and others have been entered as 14 Feb 18, or 14th February 2018, or 14.02.2018….well you can see how this very simple entry can become very difficult to track.

Having explored and expanded the teams knowledge of a variety of systems, as well as Cygnet providing schools with tips, tools and training on SIMS (School Information Management System), I can’t recommend highly enough the benefit of training all your staff in your databases and systems.

Cygnet provide a range of training courses, including best use of Word and Excel, to help you make the most of your time and information. Why not download our latest timetable or email us for more info.

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